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Join the world's leading school of options trading, educating people of all experience levels.

“I joined knowing nothing about trading. Read the six books, did the live trading, and made my money back plus more in the first week. Everything provided here far exceeds the price. I don’t think I could’ve learned options trading faster anywhere else.”

Sebastian E.
what do we do?

what is KI CAPITAL?

We are the world's leading school for people of all experience levels that want to learn the world of options day trading.

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At Ki Capital we understand the options trading complexities and learning challenges. That’s why we wrote an organized 6-book series to learn with, and then host live morning trading sessions so you can apply that information in the markets.

We provide the necessary knowledge and tools for real financial freedom via options day trading. It's not a get rich quick scheme but the real and only path to long-term profitability.

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We've got all you need to win. Every step of your journey is taken care of.


Ki Capital's Trading Essentials 6-Book Series

Suitable for beginners all the way to profitable traders, our 6-book series covers all essential trading concepts, organized for optimal learning progression towards profitability and long-term success. I (Jonathan) wish I'd had this when I started trading.



We've established a private community of traders for accelerated learning and support on your trading journey. Our safe, supportive space welcomes both beginners and experienced traders for collaboration and growth.



We offer real-time trade alerts and signals, curated by our experienced trading team. Each alert includes detailed entry and exit strategies for entertainment and educational purposes only. Follow them at your own discretion, the end goal is to learn how to take your own trades independently.


weekly classes

University-level education is what we strive for, we do this by hosting classes alongside our books every Sunday within our private community. Here, Jonathan, our team, and guest speakers delve into critical trading topics, sharing insights that led to their success.

your textbooks

the 6 part book series

These are your textbooks. In chronological order, each book covers one of six essential topics needed to understand the entire world of options trading.

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Listen to what our existing students think and feel about Ki Capital.

“A highlight from the testimonial”
“A highlight from the testimonial”
“A highlight from the testimonial”




Everything you need to shorten the learning curve on your way to becoming a profitable options trader.

we’re not faking it

jonathan's recent trading results

These are just a handful of Jonathan's recent winning trading days. Each trade streamed and documented live inside the community.

meet your mentor


As a highschooler feeling lost and confused in life, Jonathan knew one thing: he wanted to be successful. Successful enough to provide for his loved ones, all while living a lavish lifestyle. This led him to pick up stock trading during the COVID-19 quarantine, which he instantly fell in love with. Countless sleepless nights passed where he would read book after book, watch video after video, all with the goal of reaching the seemingly-impossible stage of profitability as a trader in the stock market. With enough perseverance, determination, and consistency, his dream turned into a reality.

meet your mentor

meet jonathan

Nikonomics is led by Nikolai, who went from a struggling college student to a successful day trader in under a year, documenting his journey transparently on TikTok. From humble beginnings trading in his college dorm to achieving a personal best of $33,000, he demonstrates that success is achievable with determination and guidance.

Today, he empowers traders of all levels with resources, support, and proven strategies to overcome trading challenges, aiming to be the mentor he wished he had, accelerating others' paths to profitability.

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Breaking down the difference - how we outshine the rest.

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frequently asked questions

We’ve got all the answers.

What if I don’t know anything?

You don’t need to! This is what Ki Capital was made for. The 6 book series teaches you everything from the ground up. Then, you can join the trading calls and gain real experience through there. The learning curve here will be faster than anywhere else as long as you put in the work.

How much money do I need for this?

You don’t need any! Taught in the 6 book series, if you are new to trading, we recommend you “Paper Trade” or trade with fake money until you have a solid understanding of how everything works. Then you can start trading with real money (which can be any amount) whenever you feel comfortable. 

How long are the trading calls?

Jonathan usually only trades for the first 1-2 hours of the day, just because that is his personal strategy. But, the community is always active throughout the day.

Will I get rich overnight?

No. And if you do, you got lucky. We aim to build real, long term habits that are needed to become a profitable trader. While it is possible to get rich off of one trade, that is not the goal and should not be the expectation. 

What if it’s too expensive?

Our group offers more than just copy and paste callouts. Ki Capital teaches every single member the necessary fundamentals and concepts of trading, resulting in you being able to independently create a strategy, form trade theories, execute, and profit.

What if I am not satisfied with the education?

Ki Capital is so confident in being able to turn you into a profitable trader that if you are not 100% satisfied whatsoever in your first month, you will be refunded immediately




Everything you need to shorten the learning curve on your way to becoming a profitable options trader.